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They are the reason i love podcasting ❤️

I’ve been on the show 4 times, and I always feel at home. As if I’m sitting on the couch with family, Court and Rima provides a warm and cozy atmosphere to let your hair down and be yourself, they allow you to give your honest opinion without judgement. The content is always on point and the duo is professional from communication to preparation. I was honored to be apart of such an amazing experience. They both are truly talented and needs their flowers at all times. Thank you Court and Rima for having me on and ALWAYS giving the people what they want.

It’s Lit

I cannot stop laughing or thinking when I’m listening to these two. The authenticity is real and the show is plain addicting. Love Y’all 🧜🏾‍♀️♾🦁


The best hip hop podcast out right now ! Make sure y’all tune in !


Energetic and informational. Entertaining from start to finish. Keep up the good work.

Love it!!!!

I love the topics and discussions. Their energy is unmatched. They put me on to some fire music. Red Cup Confidential is a must listen period🙌🏽🔥😍


5 red cups! Great topics and dynamic between im both of you! Keep it up ohhh and THE SHOW sounds and looks GREAT

Love it!

These two keep me up to date on all the the new music and social media drama. Love them!

Yasss frenssss

These two keep me laughing. I’m here for all the music and mess!

Get y’all red cups!

So proud of my friends! I can always count on Rima and Court to give me a good laugh and introduce me to some new music! Love them!

Dope show!

Loving the red cup vibes. Great energy from both you! Keep it up! And just let me know when you need a 6th man to come off the bench again lol


Just supporting the show guys!

Rccpod is Lit!!!

This podcast is great!!! I find myself laughing out loud all the time, updating my playlist and talking to Rima and Court as If they can hear me! Their vibe and connection is so dope which is one of my favorite things about RCCPOD! Thanks for updating my bar too!! Must listen!!!

Pure comedy and relatable!!!!

I listen every week faithfully and find myself talking to the pod as if I’m talking to my friends. The topics are perfect. The music choice selections have introduced me to many new artists. And the guests are insightful. Must listen ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Good vibes and laughs

Absolutely love this show. It was a pleasure to be apart of episode 14. Nothing but good vibes and laughs. Give this podcast a listen if you haven’t already. It’s worth it!!!

It’s just a VIBE!!!

Ya whole mood can change listening to them. Always real and I love me some Court!

rcc is lit

Met rima in AC it’s lit support

Brother love

I legit love love love this podcast. Y’all keep us interested. And y’all have the best rapport!!!

Love this show!!!

I live for the chemistry between Rima and Court!!! They have me laughing all throughout the show! I love the colorful, comical and current content. I especially love The Soundtrack segment because I get to hear songs and artists I probably wouldn't seek out myself... Great show you two!!!


It’s giving chemistry 🥤🥤let’s gooooo

It’s y’all’s energy fa me!

Love the vibez! Love the segments! Love the content! Love the authenticity! This is the podcast that we needed… for the culture! 🥤🤟🏾😎


Love this show!!! They’re like my best friends in my head 😂 so funny

It's giving...

Real spicy! Love the pod so far! Rima and Court are hilarious.

Love this duo !

Court and Karima are so hilarious and I can’t wait to hear more! Congratulations y’all 😘

It’s the show for me

To a podcast that says what we’re all thinking! Thank you for creating a space of like minded reactions ☺️☺️😎

I’m ready!!

I already know it’s gonna be hilarious and messy 🤣 I’m so ready! And so proud of y’all ❤️


Here for the MUSIC & Mess!!!